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Youth Co-ordinator     Diane Bradshaw        

19 Thornycroft Avenue,  Epuni,  Lower Hutt, 5011      email Diane here

Diane Bradshaw

I have been Scottish Country Dancing since 2000. I started dancing at the Upper Hutt Club after being invited along by another mum at my daughter's school. Three years later I also joined the Lower Hutt Club as I had become addicted to dancing and I found that attending two clubs helped me to learn faster. I attended my first Summer School in Wellington (2007-2008) and have attended many more since. I began teaching the Lower Hutt JAM Class in 2008 and at the same time I started training for my teaching certificate, which I gained in 2011 at the Dunedin Summer School. I joined the JAM Committee as Medal Test organizer in 2011 or 2012 and became Youth Co-ordinator in 2015. I have learned a great deal as a result of being on the JAM Committee and as Youth Co-ordinator. I thoroughly enjoy dancing and teaching; I also enjoy walking, cycling, reading and am a very keen amateur gardener.


Membership, Medal Tests:       email about Membership and Medal Tests here

Hazel Fish

I started dancing in 2012, joining my three sons in classes at the Waimate Club.  I had previously learnt ballet, modern theatre and tap dancing in England as a child, and I really enjoyed getting back into dancing. I especially enjoyed the fact that different generations of the same family could all dance together.  Early in 2013 I took over as Tutor of the Waimate Club and started preparing for my Teaching Certificate, which I have just completed at Summer School in Christchurch in January 2017.

I have a busy life, being involved in lots of local groups as well as supporting my husband and sons in their musical and sporting activities.  If I ever get any spare time I like to curl up with a book or some knitting, but as this does not happen, books and knitting can take a long time to complete!
My role on the JAM Committee since 2015 has been to organise the medal tests around NZ, and until recently I have also been putting together the Jigs and More.
Amy Luxton-Esler

After getting hooked into SCD in early 2006, I have now been dancing for 10 years. I dance in Auckland and am taught by two wonderful tutors. After being introduced to the NZ Summer Schools, I have attended them each year. I have been very lucky in being able to attend dancing events internationally. I’ve travelled to Australia seven times for the annual Australian Winter School, and twice to Scotland to attend Summer School in St Andrews. In my ‘other life’, my day job is working in a primary school library and resource room. It is the same school I went to as a student, so there have been a few familiar faces on the rest of the staff.

I am returning to the JAM Committee after three years of organising memberships and distributions of Jigs And More, to now take over the editing of Jigs And More from Hazel who has been managing it for the last couple of years.



Chris Totton

I started dancing at the Tokoroa Club when I was 6 years old. But it wasn’t until my early teens as I started dancing with the adults that I became more involved and attended all the evening functions.

As well as the Saturday night dances I have attended most JAM Camps and several Summer Schools, in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.

Since moving to Wellington in 2010 I have become a familiar face to most clubs in the region, dancing at up to three clubs each week (and not always at the same clubs). I was part of the organising committee for the AWEsome Weekend School (a weekend of dancing for ages 18-39), I am a current member of the Lower Hutt Club committee and as of 2016 I also teach at Kelburn Club. 

And now, of course, I am also part of the JAM Committee, taking over the JAM registrations and memberships.